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Bangalore Blues

by Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan

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It all started as a Google search, where Radha Thomas was looking for a piano player and found Aman Mahajan just two streets away. A match made in musical heaven. The pair met in 2011 and have been working steadily ever since, composing and playing much music across India and Europe.

While their music is rooted firmly in jazz, there are definite strains of India in the songs. It is their heritage and therefore influences their music. But Thomas, who lived in New York for many years, also writes of those experiences in her songs.


released March 15, 2020

Radha Thomas: voice
Aman Mahajan: piano, fender rhodes
all music composed by Radha Thomas and Aman Mahajan

Recorded at Island City Studios by Jehangir Jehangir in Mumbai, India, September 2019

Mixed and mastered by Sebastian Ohmert, Sonic Impulse Studio in Berlin, Germany, November 2019

Cover art by Paul Fernandes


all rights reserved



Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan Bengaluru, India

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Track Name: The Morning After
Four dry Martinis a few Gin ‘n’ Ts
The sound in my head is the buzzing of bees
Looked everywhere but I can’t find my keys
Bartender call me a cab if you please
Oh my head, somebody get me to bed
I really can’t see far ahead, tomorrow maybe I’ll be dead
On the ride way up town
From down in China Town
I’ll try to keep it down
Cos I’ve borrowed this gown
But the car sways and swerves
I thought avenues had no curves
But I know I deserve
Everything that I’m served
Take me home, I now that am oh so blown
I know I need to be alone, so no one hears me moan groan
Not again, not again, I swear, no, not again
I’ve got nothing to gain from this broken refrain
Can I take back the day, before you led me astray
Where day is like night, day and night, night and day
Hold me / Stop me / Let me / Go now
‘Cos I have to stay away
Oh very, very far away
I can’t do this, another day
There’s no way
No matter what you try and say
Sitting here watchin’ the clouds rolling by
Wondering if it will rain or be dry
Counting the stars as they light up the sky
I now know the what and the where and the why
Oh my head, somebody get me to bed
I really can’t see far ahead, tomorrow maybe I’ll be dead
Track Name: Jailer
You’ve locked me up and tied me down
You’ve thrown away the key
You say that I will fall in love
With you, just wait and see
You buy me diamond rings
And then you ask if my heart sings
But all that I want you to do’s
Hand me back my wings
Love, it wasn’t meant
To be a one-way only street
There’s no win or lose in love
There’s only defeat
You pour the fancy wine
And sit beside me now to dine
You dress me up in silk and satin
Say I look so fine
But there’s no point in this
You know that I don’t want your kiss
If you love me please set me free
That would be my bliss
Love it can’t be strained
You know that love can’t be contained
Love it can’t remain
If there is always such pain

You pushed me down, you held me down, I begged you please, I begged you please, I
begged you please
You said I'd have to fall in love with you, before you let me leave, before you let me
leave, before you let me leave
And tried to say that's not the way it works, people fall in and out of love, you need
to find the space to grieve, find the space to grieve find the space to grieve
That's the only way we go ahead, not together but apart. No broken heart, no
broken heart, no broken heart.
Track Name: Would I Lie?
Would I lie for you
Would I cry for you
Would I try for you
Would I die for you
Would I run to you
Or would I run from you
Is it fun for you
Am I the one for you
Can’t know for sure
If what we’re saying now
Will be as true
On every single day
Can’t know for sure
If what we’re feeling now
Will be the same in every way
You swear to me
Though it’s plain to see
It’s not to be
There’ll never be a you & me
There is no we
Unless you see
You hold the key
What you say is what I’m hearing
What I see I’m not believin’
So tell me when I will be
Free of you
Find my peace from you
Take my leave from you
I will not grieve for you

I saw you on the street
Looked good enough to eat
You were holding someone’s hand

Might have seen a wedding band
I looked just to be sure
Cos you said you were so pure
But then I saw you eyes
I understood the lies
Hey hey, get those hands away
I’m thinking I should
Go - find myself a life
And put away that knife…
I’m in a mood where I could hurt
Uh lemme reassert
So listen to me
Here’s my final word
I will no die for you
Track Name: Leifmotif
It’s seven o’clock that time again
I’m trying to see through pouring rain
Just when I thought I saw you there
‘Twas a leaf in the wind

I think I can hear a roaring train
I’m trying to wipe the windowpane
Maybe I’ll clear away the grime
Find it’s more than a leaf…

I listen
For just anything
A bang, a thump
That doorbell ring
In the silence of
This darkened night
I wait, for you

All of that hope, it’s all in vain
Willing you back that’s just insane
Like a leaf in a storm

Trash on the street gets blown around
Brimming with tears, I’ve run aground
I thought that I felt a hand in mine
It was only a leaf…

I’m right on the edge so tightly wound
I jump every time I hear a sound
Just when I thought I heard you there
'Twas a leaf in the breeze

I thought, I heard
Somebody speak
I think I hear
A car door creak
In the maelstrom of
This fearful night
I wait, for you

There’s nothing here that I have found
There’s nothing here that’s more profound
Than a leaf in the wind
Track Name: Load Shedding
I'm sitting in the darkness all alone
There's nothing I can do but moan
My fridge is on the blink, I'm burning up
I got no ice to fill my cup
The phone’s got no juice
Computer’s blown a fuse
What am I gonna do?

The lights went out I know at half past six
Tell me who’s been playing tricks
The microphone don’t work, it won’t come on
I sit here waiting for the dawn
I can’t do a thing
I can’t even sing
What am I gonna do?

(piano solo)

I thought I’d heat me up some chicken pie
The microwave won’t even sigh
I thought I’d settle down, I’d try to write
My laundry whirring out of sight
Nothing’s goin’ right
Tonight’s just not my night
What am I gonna do?

I thought that I would walk down to the store
I’m stuck right up on sixty-four
I count my fingertips to find the things
That I can use without plug ins
A paper and a pen
A matchstick and a flame
What am I gonna do?

I’m sitting alone
All do is moan
Try to get the right tone
What am I gonna do?

Way down in the park
I hear the dogs bark
I’m afraid of the dark
What am I gonna do?

C’mon turn on the light
Do I have to fight?
Don’t citizens have rights?
What am I gonna do?
Track Name: Only Illusion
I hear his footsteps
Although he’s never around
I hear him speak now
Although he’s not making sounds

What’s that I see there?
Shadows that grow on the ground
Only illusion
I’m lost, I want to be found

I close my eyes
I’m trying to bring back the way
I felt his breath
Oh, so soft on my neck every day

Senses they’re heightened
I feel so wide and awake
Demons they torment
They taunt, they won’t go away

He said
He’d be back and always stay right by my side
But I
Didn’t know that he would hide

The truth
Everything he said to me has been a lie
He’s gone
Every day just passes by

Starlight it sparkles
it says to me don’t you cry
Moon, it fills up the sky
I can’t tell you why
Sun, is dawning
lighting the morning sky
World keeps turning
But how do I keep going when I’ve

Lost him forever
If only I, I had known
Why did I scare him?
Oh why did I let him go?
Track Name: Bangalore Blues
I’m all alone,
All my welcomes worn
I feel so sad ‘cos I’m oh so far from my home
I can’t get up and go
Cos I ain’t got the dough 
I’m stuck here in the sleet and rain and the snow
I dream of purple trees
Gardens filled with bees
I’m down with an awful case of the Bangalore Blues
I can smell the rain
Playing dirty tricks on my brain
I wish it was close so I could just hop on a train
But that city’s too far
I can’t get there by car
So all that’s left to do is go find me a bar
But one day soon I’ll fly
I’ll take to those friendly skies
But right now I’m filled with a case of the Bangalore Blues

My friends they all said
That travelling’s bad for your head
Be careful there girl or you could wind up being dead
Back then I didn’t care
I knew I wouldn’t scare
I was so damn sure about all my pizzazz and my flair
I was filled with confidence
And new experience
But I got stuck with a case of the Bangalore
I fell down with a case of the Bangalore
I was stumped by a case of the Bangalore Blues

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